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Carl Wuestehube was raised in California, the eldest son in a family of eight children.

When he was 18 years old, Carl earned his California Real Estate Salespersons license and joined Performance Real Estate in Huntington Beach, California. He was the youngest licensee ever to work for this firm.

At age 23, he began a career in the computer industry as an IT professional where he mastered online communications. Carl’s tenure as an IT professional came to an abrupt end when the company he worked for failed in the dot-com crash.

At age 40 and unemployed, Carl revisited his first career choice of Real Estate. Timing could not have been better. The two industries that Carl specialized in were headed for a collision course, and Carl found himself in the right place at the right time with the right skill sets.

In April 2000, Carl was re-licensed as a California Real Estate Salesperson and began offering internet-based, discount real estate services to California homeowners who wanted to sell their properties on a For Sale By Owner basis. Carl opened his own brokerage firm and developed online tools and strategies to help For Sale By Owner sellers market their properties without the high commission fees of real estate agents.

In October 2010, Carl recognized the need for internet-based real estate services was nationwide and began studying to earn licenses in multiple states. Over the next five years, Carl obtained broker licenses in 20 states and worked with home owners across the country to perfect his online real estate services program.

On October 5, 2015 – the website “HomeListers.House ” was launched. It’s mission: “To provide homeowners with State-of-the-Art internet services and Local MLS exposure, while reserving the right of For Sale By Owner sellers to market and sell their properties.”

After much reflection on his nearly 40 year work history, Carl decided that his next goal would be to teach and train the next generation of real estate brokers. This new generation would learn from Carl’s vast experience and knowledge and be able to provide online real estate services to For Sale By Owner sellers for many generations to come.

Today, Carl lives in Dana Point, California with his wife Marilyn. He continues to develop online tools and is training the next generation.

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